Architectural Series

Deco-Ongoing series of the Art Deco district on Miami Beach

Breakwater Hotel

Was  designed by Anton Skislewicz and built in 1939 at 940 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. With its cruise liner-like central tower, the Breakwater Hotel reflects the nautical aesthetic of the Streamline Modern style that was popular during the time of its construction.

Arc Series Deco Breakwater Hotel.JPG

Colony Hotel

The Colony Hotel on Miami Beach Ocean Drive designed by Henry Hohauser in 1935. It is probably the most photograph hotel most likely because of its bold letters that light up in blue neon.

Colony Hotel 36X36

Delano Hotel

Designed by architect Robert Swartburg, the Delano was built in 1947 by Rob and Rose Schwartz. The then four-winged Art Deco tower of the Delano was the tallest building in Miami. The 1994 renovations were designed by Philippe Starck.[3] The hotel is named after US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Arc Series Deco Delano Hotel.JPG

Lincoln Theater

Designed by famed theater architect Thomas W. Lamb in association with Robert E. Collins, who designed the nearby Cameo Theater, now a nightclub, the Lincoln opened in 1936. A jewel of Art Deco architecture, with its sleek, curving shapes and intricate stylized floral reliefs on its coral-pink facade and elegantly appointed interior, the Lincoln was host to many Miami movie premieres in its long history as a movie house, but finally closed in the early 80s.

After sitting vacant for several years, the building was leased in 1988 by the New World Symphony and renovated.

After the New world symphony moved to its new campus created by famed architect Frank Gehry, the Lincoln was eventually taken over by H&M clothing but at has been preserved. Waking through the store you can perceive its once elegance and grandeur, and in style the checkout is where the stage once stood with a giant video screen above a throwback to its theater days.

Lincoln Theater 36X36

Cadet Hotel

Built in 1941 it housed air force cadets during WWII

Cadet Hotel-1 36X36

Ritz Plaza

The Art Deco tower was designed by architect Larry Murray Dixon also responsible for many other deco hotels of the time, and opened as the Grossinger Beach HotelIN 1939. It was the first air-conditioned hotel on Miami Beach.
The hotel was used by the U.S. Army during World War II to accommodate high-ranking officers. The property re-opened in 1946 as the Ritz Plaza.

Ritz Plaza 36X36

Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel on ocean drive built in 1941 by Henry Hohauser

Deco Crescent BW.JPG

Study in Shape

The 17 Street Parking Garage on South Beach, A modernist building with really organic feel to it. I like the way the white concrete gleams in the bright Miami sun silhouetting the curves and highlighting the corrugated surface.


17 St PG BW-2 36X36


17 St PG BW-3 36X36


17St PG BW-1 36X36

STS04 Looking Up

Buckminster Fuller’s the Fly’s Eye, at Miami Design District some interesting organic shapes.

Read more about  Fullers Fly Eye Dome


STS05 The Bee Hive


STS06 Swiss Cheese



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