Recently I have been exploring graphics. I am learning how to use Inkscape an open source vector graphics software package. This page documents my journey into the world of graphic as I learn and evolve. One of my friends always says: “the best way to learn is by doing”.

The Stoic Series

“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature” Zeno of Citium (c.332-265 BCE)

I like the stoic philosophy. In that school of thought there are 4 main virtues, Wisdom, Courage, Justice and Temperance. This is a series of prints I designed to put up on my home office wall. It’s always good to have them around as visual reminders.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more of the Stoic philosophy you can visit Ryan Holiday’s site: Ryan is a modern day stoic writer and puts out lots of practical ways to apply the ideas of stoicism to modern daily life.

GSS-01 Wisdom

Wisdom the ability to define what is good, what is not good, and what is indifferent.

“wisdom they define as the knowledge of things good and evil and of what is neither good nor evil…knowledge of what we ought to choose, what we ought to beware of, and what is indifferent.”— Diogenes of Sinope(c.404-323 BCE)


GSS-02 Courage

Courage the ability to retain strength of character and morals in the face of fear. Not the absence of fear but the strength to face fear.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage” — Lucius Seneca (c. 4 BCE- 65 CE)


GSS-03 Justice

Justice our duty to fellow man, to society. The morality behind how we act. Justice guides all other virtues; it is the moral compass. Focuses actions towards the betterment of the whole, rather than just the self.

“Justice is the crowning glory of the virtues.” — Cicero (106 – 43 BCE)

“And a commitment to justice in your own acts. Which means: thought and action resulting in the common good. What you were born to do.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.31


GSS-04 Temperance

Temperance or moderation. Self restraint, self discipline and self control. The ability to choose long term well-being over short term satisfaction.

“Curb your desire — don’t set your heart on so many things and you will get what you need.” — Epictetus (c. 50 – 135 CE)

You ask what is the proper limit to a person’s wealth? First, having what is essential, and second, having what is enough.” — Lucius Seneca (c. 4 BCE- 65 CE)


GRN-01 Runker

Recently I started to run again after not running for a while. It was around this time I came across Jeff Galloway’s interval training method of run walk run. I immediately liked this methodology because it’s much easier to get started and also to complete long distances with out to much stress on the body. It just so happens that a friend of mine had also started to train with a running group using this same method. He has gone to complete four half marathons this past year and is currently training to complete a marathon early next year. I wanted a better way to describe the method. A way that would be descriptive of the activity and catchy, perhaps even a bit funny. This is when I came up with the word runker (runner + walker). You see, I like to make up words, you can say its a hobby of mine. Since then I have printed the logo on some t-shirts, shared one with my friend. The logo features a simple pictorial for the activity (run, walk, run) the dots underneath represent the interval time, in this case a 3/1 pace. I would love to see new communities of runkers starting up around the world.

Perhaps you like to start running but find it to difficult or just want to be more active check out Jeff’s site: its full of information to help you get started. He also has written a book on the subject. Or if you need a bit more support join a local running (runker) group like my friend did.

Runk (ˈrən-k) verb A modality of exercise that combine running with walking. A type of interval training.

Runker (ˈrən-ker) noun A person who runks.


GHP-01 Happy

Just for fun.


GTM-01 Toro y Meninas

The inspiration for this piece comes from two of my favorite Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. It is my interpretation of the cubist style with elements of a surrealistic landscape that incorporate an abstraction of Diego Velazquez Las Meninas.



I love all things space. I grew up during the space age and loved to see all the Apollo missions on tv. NASA plans to return to the moon and establish a permanent lunar base with the aim to later reach Mars. This time around NASA’s Artemis Missions are planning to land the first woman astronaut. My poster aims to capture a retro feel to that moment. I have incorporated elements of the film 2001 a space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick and my version of a more colorful LEM Lunar Excursion Module used in the Apollo Program. To learn more of NASA’s Artemis program visit their official site:

GNWS-1 To Nowhere Special

This is an attempt to recreate a graphic that my son created using a stencil and hand painted on a t-shirt. That t-shirt and stencil are long gone but the image lived in my mind. I really liked it. He came up with the concept of a bus stop sign with the destination “to nowhere special”. In my attempt to reproduce the image I took a picture of an actual bus sign and reworked it a bit.


An ongoing series of personalized badges.



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