In and around the water. The natural elements: water, sky, moon, sun, sand and earth.




WS-01 Hidden

Watching the moon rise, hiding behind the clouds, flooding the edges with its soft glow. It is the expectation, the final reveal that captures the moment.


WS-02 Spline

There is something magical an soothing about watching the waves brake on shore. They all make different pasterns, the water turning into white foam as it washes up the sand.



WS-03 Moon Over Miami

Recently I learned from an artist that “Mangata” is a Swedish word meaning “moon road” and describes the trail of light left by the moon’s reflection on the sea. Like many words there is no  direct translation into English.


WS-04 Tropic Calm





WS-05 Hanging Out with friends


Hanging out with friends


WS-06 Second Look


A Second Look

WS-07 Growing Up

Growing Up


WS-08 Ripples




WS-09 Toward The Edge


Toward The Edge


WS-10 Soft Landing


Soft Landing


WS-11 Wavefront




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